Bihaku Underarm Spray 60ml

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Bihaku Underarm Spray 60ml


Raise your arm confidently with Bihaku Underarm Spray. 

  1. ✔️ No Sweat
  2. ✔️ No Odor
  3. ✔️ No Stain
  4. ✔️ Yes Whitening
  5. ✔️ Yes 48Hour Protection

Bihaku Underarm Spray

Powder Fresh Deodorant, Anti Perspirant, and UA Whitening.

Don’t let your arms prevent you from putting your hands in the air and enjoy summer! Be sweat and odor-free with the New Bihaku Underarm Spray.

With natural antimicrobial agents of guava extract and tea tree to slay the underarm bacteria that causes bad odor.

With vitamins and added avocado extract, jojoba oil, and collagen to take good care of our delicate underarm skin.

With glutathione, arbutin, and cucumber to lighten your underarms.

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