Aloe Care Brazilian Blowout Therapy 100ml

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Aloe Care Brazilian Blowout Therapy 100ml

When hair is weak and damaged, it loses shine and smoothness. Bring back the glow of healthy hair with ALOE CARE by ALOE GROW Brazillian Blowout Therapy. It gives you the benefit of aloe vera, keratin, and argan oil treatments.

TIP: DO NOT USE shampoos that contain sulfates and chorine, so your treatment should last anywhere from three to four months. Aloe Grow is Sulfate and Paraben Free. Enriched with aloe vera, gugo, argan oil, biotin, patchouli, and minoxidil which have all been shown to increase hair health, growth, and volume. The formula also rinses out really well, helping you to avoid follicle buildup, which leads to hair loss. Available in Shampoo and Conditioner.

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